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Thinking About JSON, Part 2

This is a follow up to Thinking About JSON, Part 1. Last time we were primarily concerned with learning about JSON paths and structures, and reading JSON. This time around we’re going to look at creating and manipulating JSON. Demo file: (If the above screen shot looks familiar you have a good memory, because […]

Our First FileMaker 17 Certified Developers

We’re pleased to announce two Beez who have earned the title of FileMaker 17 Certified Developer. Christopher Edwards, Senior Developer Vincenzo Menanno, Senior Developer Christopher and Vince are among the first developers to receive this designation since FileMaker 17 Certification was announced last week. FileMaker 17 Certification is the official credential offered by FileMaker, Inc., […]

Virtual List Reporting with JSON Arrays

Acknowledgement: As always a huge thank you to Bruce Robertson, for inventing virtual list, and for many other contributions to the FM community over the years. Introduction As a follow up to my recent “Virtual List on Steroids” presentations at DIG-FM and dotFMP, today I want to take a fresh look at using JSON arrays […]

Simple Bash Scripts for Lazy People | Part 2: Rails

This is part 2 of a five-part series: Part One has examples for common daily tasks in Git. Part Two, similar examples for Rails. Part Three, miscellaneous cases. Part Four dissects an example of a failed attempt at a useful script. Part Five concludes with a brief discussion of when to use Bash as opposed […]

Simple Bash Scripts for Lazy People | Part 1: Git

While the attribution may be hazy, the notion of laziness being an attribute of a good programmer is popular. I don’t know how good of a programmer I am, but I am really lazy. So lazy that if I find myself doing something over and over, I write a script to do it for me […]

How Transactional is the FileMaker Data API?

I’m always am excited each time the FileMaker Platform gets new capabilities. It isn’t just the new features on their own that make things interesting, but what happens to the platform as a whole which provides for some interesting and inspiring innovations. In this case, it is a new way to do transactional record editing […]

Fast Summaries Re-revisited

My recent “Virtual List on Steroids” presentation at DIG-FM, and the preparation of a revised version to give at dotFMP next week, has prompted me to reconsider certain assumptions re: optimizing performance both locally, and across a LAN and/or WAN. Specifically, there are two things we’re going to look at today. First, a way to […]