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Why attend FileMaker DevCon 2017

Why should you attend FileMaker DevCon 2017 FileMaker’s Developer Conference includes in-depth sessions, special interest meetings, face-to-face consultations, and opportunities to network with many FileMaker staff and other experienced FileMaker developers. DevCon is the single most valuable gathering of more than 1,500 FileMaker experts from around the world. Register today to get your organization the […]

FM DevCon 16 / Business: Why Join the FileMaker Business Alliance?

Join the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) and increase your business opportunities through exclusive sales and marketing support from FileMaker, Inc. The alliance provides a host of resources such as promotional benefits, sales materials, co-marketing opportunities, and product discounts. We can help you grow your business, network with the community, and engage with the FileMaker sales […]

FMDevCon 16 / Web: FMoT – the FileMaker of Things

Plug your custom app into the power of the Internet! It’s easier than you might think to connect your custom app to the ever-growing network of connected devices and services in the Internet of Things. Engaging automation tools such as and, we show how to set up a gateway app on the FileMaker […]

FM DevCon 16 / Core: Under the Hood – Server Performance

Take a tour “under the hood” of the latest FileMaker Server with Jon Thatcher, Senior Architect at FileMaker, Inc. This session focuses on techniques to measure and improve performance of FileMaker Server, including use of the new Top Calls Logging feature in Server 15. Learn how FileMaker Server works, what Top Calls Logging can tell […]

FM DevCon 16 / Core: Preparing for FileMaker Certification

This session outlines a series of steps you can take in order to prepare for certification. We recommend key reading materials and additional study guides and discuss how and where to take the exam. Speaker: Cristoffer Ippolite President, iSolutions, Inc. Core Track: COR003

FM DevCon 16 / Core: Powerful Event Management with Perform Script On Server

Discover how to manage numerous, complex and concurrent scripted events across the FileMaker Platform, moving many processes into the background using Perform Script on Server and FileMaker Server script schedules. Learn how to develop a script events management queue, manage asynchronous events, and optimize performance-on-update procedures. Then download the session materials to explore the core […]

FM DevCon 16 / Core: Speedy Server-Side Data Import Techniques

Let FileMaker Server do the heavy lifting for your data imports so that you and your users don’t have to wait — even on the WAN! Take advantage of external container storage and FileMaker Server script schedules to upload data files into your custom apps, letting the server engine extract the data into normalized data […]

FM DevCon 16 / Core: Cryptography, SSL, and the FileMaker Platform

What is cryptography, how secure are communications, and how does SSL fit into this world? This session begins by exploring the history of secure communications. Then we dig into the implementation of SSL and encryption on the FileMaker Platform. Demos present essential security concepts using built-in product features and common utilities. Finally, we look at the new FileMaker […]