Javascript45 Videos

FileMaker + JavaScript = Fun Times Coding

An example of the fun solutions one can build by integrating FileMaker and JavaScript. Note that this is not a “how-to” instructional video. It is merely an illustration of a simple “Scrabble Assistant” type of solution that uses a WebViewer and JavaScript. The inspiration for this example comes directly from the following post on on […]

FileMaker RichText to JSON via JavaScript

Demo of custom functions which convert FileMaker rich text to/from a format which can be transmitted/stored as plain text. Possible use cases might include sending FileMaker rich text content over http, storing rich text content in a non-FileMaker database, etc.. Sample file available at: Author: source

Create a JavaScript Timeline Web Page using FileMaker

A fairly comprehensive demo of the FileMaker Timelines sample file. Done by Matt Larson. Accompanying blog post and sample file: source

COFMUG April 2018 – Building FMswal: Modular FileMaker Alerts

In this meeting, Mike Beargie presents a Function of the Day, and an in depth look at creating a modular FileMaker package for displaying card window based alerts. The alert package idea comes from an existing JavaScript library called SWAL (sweet alert), hence the name FMswal. Check out the COFMUG space on the FileMaker Community […]

The JS Ecosystem: Making Sense of the Madness

The JS Ecosystem: Making Sense of the Madness – Ethan Brown, Pop Art Being a JavaScript developer in 2017 is daunting. The proliferation of standards, frameworks, paradigms, tools, and services can be overwhelming. A lot of JavaScript developers don’t even write JavaScript! This talk gives you practical advice on navigating the massive, chaotic JS ecosystem, […]

Web Viewer Integrations (Advanced Track 004)

Jeremy Brown Soliant Consulting, Inc. Session Description The web viewer object is an extremely versatile object that allows a developer to integrate deeper functionality into a custom app using the languages of the web, HTML/CSS and JavaScript. In this session, you’ll explore a standard way to integrate common web libraries, including setting up an integration […]

JavaScript Is Eating the World (FileMaker DevCon 2016)

Thanks to Node.js, JavaScript now runs on servers as well as in web browsers. That means you can write your entire web application in JavaScript — the most popular programming language in the world. In this session, we use Node.js to build custom servers connected to the FileMaker Platform. Then we use React.js to quickly […]

FileMaker and Node.js Real Time Communication (Innovation 003)

FileMaker and Node.js Real Time Communication Session Speaker: Lui de la Parra Track: Innovation Session Description The integration of FileMaker and Node.js can create real time communication between multiple clients and a server. In this session, you’ll explore the Node.js and the NPM module system. You’ll review the advantages of utilizing Node.js in tandem with […]

JavaScript Functions in FileMaker (Speed)

A short movies of one of our demos from Year In Review at DevCon 2014. This short video shows the same recursive custom function written in FileMaker and in … source