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JSONQuery – Tour of the sample file for FileMaker JSON-parsing function

JSONQuery is a FileMaker custom function which is designed to performantly query JSON. This video offers a brief overview of the JSONQuery sample file. The file and some background information can be found at:: For an introductory video on the function’s capabilities: JSONQuery was originally named “JSONGetElementWhere”. The above-linked video uses the old/original name of […]

Querying JSON in FileMaker using JSONGetElementWhere

JSONGetElementWhere is a FileMaker custom function which offers performant querying of large JSON objects/arrays. After I have had a chance to do some further QA with this custom function, I plan to share it on the FileMaker Community forum. Thank you for your interest. Author: . source

Calculating Differences in JSON with a FileMaker Custom Function

Illustration of a FileMaker custom function that identifies and returns value differences between two JSON objects. Possible applications could include audit/sync projects which require diff’ing JSON-formatted record snapshots. Custom function and sample file can be found at: Author: . source

FileMaker Pro: JSON Dot Path Helper Custom Functions

Two FileMaker Pro Custom Functions to assist with parsing/updating JSON that has key names containing dot characters. Sample file and commentary can be found at: Author: . source

FileMaker Gimmick for Scraping Found Set To JSON

FileMaker: A demonstration of an unconventional technique for gathering the current found set’s data into JSON, by using the Replace Field Contents script step against a global field of the current context. Sample file and commentary can be found at: Author: source

ExecuteSQL To JSON – Part 01 [Escaping Values]

An introduction to manipulating the output from FileMaker’s ExecuteSQL function to return JSON, with emphasis on steps which can be taken to properly escape the returned values. source

ExecuteSQL To JSON – Part 02 [Custom Function Approach]

An elaboration on the idea of generating JSON from ExecuteSQL, and a demonstration of a trio of custom functions which simplify this technique. source

FMAcademy: FileMaker JSON and Multiple Script Parameters

Short for Javascript Object Notation, JSON has quickly become a web standard. Since FileMaker 16 gave us new functions to easily implement JSON into our code, many developers are switching to JSON as a native method to support multiple script parameters. In the first half of this webinar, we will cover the basics of JSON […]

Quick and Easy JSON Parameter

Using generator we can easily generate the code to call well commented scripts source