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FileMaker Pro Advanced – Inverted Portals in FileMaker

Inverted Portals in FileMaker Once in a while a great trick comes along that needs just a little more attention. Doug West of Excelisys developed one last year showing off inverted portals in FileMaker. So what is an inverted portal? It’s a portal that allows users to enter data in the first line of the […]

Filemaker Pro 15 Capitulo 6 (Relacionar Tablas)

En este vídeo vamos a ver como se relacionan dos tablas, esto nos permitirá en el próximo vídeo agregar un Portal (En Access un subformulario). En mi página web tendrás acceso a tutoriales para poder complementar la información de estos videos. Mi página web: http://www.peremanelv.com Así mismo os dejo mi correo electrónico para que me […]

FileMaker Developer Interview – Christo Lowe – Excelisys

FileMaker Developer Interview Christo Lowe – Excelisys, AKA “Christo” Christo is the founder of Excelisys, which is located in South Bend, Indiana (Home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish!). Attention FileMaker Developer Business Owners: Learn from Christo about taking your business to the next level in this video. Christo started as a FileMaker Developer in […]

FileMaker – Portal In-Line Progress Bar

The Portal In-Line Progress Bar, one of FileMaker 15’s new performance based features, brings with it the separation of a layout’s non-portal and portal rendering tasks. This means users are no longer forced to wait for cumbersome portals to load before being able to interact with a window’s content. It also means developers can now […]

FileMaker Pro Advanced – Dynamically Expanding Portals

I love to learn, and one of the benefits of writing a blog is learning so much from all of the wonderful, sharing developers in the FileMaker World. But for all of the posts I read, and all of the videos I see, some simple tricks still get by me. And such was the case […]

Filemaker Pro Manual Portal Sorting

A neat little way to manually sort items in a portal. Using buttons to move records up and down inside a portal. File: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18099008/Demo_Files_FMP12/18%20-%20Portal%20Sort/Portal%20Sort.fmp12 Check out my more complete lessons on Udemy: 1) Complete Invoicing Database: https://youtu.be/uRoeEHhzpro 2) Time Registration for Freelancers: https://youtu.be/YVhdkDa8Hok 3) Bookings and Reservations System: https://youtu.be/dcao9nVH-Pw 4) Attendance Tracking: https://youtu.be/-1SPlr0WBo4 5) FREE […]

Unboxing FileMaker 14: The New Refresh Portal Functionality

Tired of refreshing a whole layout when you just want one portal to update. You can now use the “Refresh Portal” script step. Watch as JohnAustin Lamprecht discusses the benefits of this new functionality.

Filemaker Multiple related pictures

Relate multiple pictures to a record in a Filemaker Database. For when you want to add an unlimited amount of pictures to a record. A portal can be user very easily to do this. We also look at importing an entire folder of pictures at a time and external container storage is also explored. FIle: […]

FileMaker 13 Popovers – Part 2

This video tells about some ways a popover can be used in our databases such as a custom menu or a custom dialog box. More information is also mentioned in the summary of this video. The Agenda of the popover video is as below, What is FileMaker popover The Basics of Popovers Designing Popovers Uses […]