JSONQuery – Tour of the sample file for FileMaker JSON-parsing function

JSONQuery is a FileMaker custom function which is designed to performantly query JSON. This video offers a brief overview of the JSONQuery sample file. The file and some background information can be found at:: For an introductory video on the function’s capabilities: JSONQuery was originally named “JSONGetElementWhere”. The above-linked video uses the old/original name of […]

FileMaker and Graph Databases: FileMaker with a Graph back-end (4 of 4)

In this video I explain how to replace FileMaker tables and relationships with a Graph back-end database. Using the same movies example from part 1, I show a recommendations engine. The first example, written in FileMaker is rather slow. The second example uses a Graph back-end database and is … pretty fast. This is the […]

FileMaker and Graph Databases: Part 3

In this video I explain how to update a Graph Database dynamically from within FileMaker, using the example ‘Personnel’ file from the previous video. This is part 3 in a series of 4 videos: Part 1: What is a Graph? What are the benefits? How to start building a Graph from scratch? Part 2: Importing […]

FileMaker and Graph Databases: What is a Graph? (1 of 4)

How can Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and Google provide recommendations in near-real time? What database engine is used to investigate the Panama papers? Can we tap into that power with FileMaker? Sure! Learn more about the power of so called ‘graph databases’. We will use the most popular one — Neo4j — as an example and […]

FileMaker cURL nc

There is a typo( irrelevant to the purpose of this video, yet not good ) in the raw curl example, it should read: “` curl -X PUT -d {“data”:1} localhost:49153/path “` Start the netcat listener on port 49153 “` nc -l 49153 “` Start the netcat listener on port 49153 with hex output 32 columns […]

All Things Server +Community Roadmap (11/8/2018; DIGFM)

All Things FileMaker Server: Performance, Tuning, Troubleshooting, API, IoT… Wim Decorte will talk about all kinds of things related to FileMaker Server: The age-old conundrum between the number of cores and core speed The four traditional bottlenecks The various FMS processes The new Data API IoT (Internet of Things), including Wim’s current IoT project Etc. […]

FileMaker Pro Basics Part 6: 1-to-many relationship

One-to-many relationship simple example. Text: Relational Databases 2 – One to many relationship We will expand our database again by creating a third table, that will contain data regarding the HOMEBASEs for each students. Each student belongs to one and only one homebase, but one homebase contains many students. This type of relationship one-to-many (or […]

Visual BOM Demo Reel

New Leaf Data, LLC is excited to announce the immediate availability of our new product, Visual BOM. This tool combines the tree structure (or hierarchical structure) of a Bill of Materials (BOM) list along with dynamic data visualization. And it all takes place within FileMaker! Some people will find Visual BOM very helpful with their […]

FileMaker Basics Part 5: 1 to 1 Relationships

One to one relationships simple example. source

Atlanta FileMaker Developers Group 8/3/18 – Salvatore Colangelo, Goya – Insert from URL

Salvatore Colangelo from Goya will be presenting on using cURL with FileMaker. He’ll show how to look at Insert From URL and the cURL options in a way that is applicable over and over again to different web services, like a framework. While looking at examples he will also highlighting some of the most common […]