FileMaker Visual Design for Developers How to Stop Making Bad Interfaces

Learn Visual Design Tips and View Example Applications, presented by Emory Brown, Certified FileMaker Developer and UX Designer with DB Services ( The webinar is provided by the FM Academy, ( a consortium of leading FileMaker development companies. FM Quickstart is here! source

FileMaker Tools Turn Old Forms into Custom App Solutions

Hear how Soliant Consulting’s Technical Project Lead, Martha Zink, turned a 4-day “temporary” prototyping workshop with her client into a custom mobile business solution delivered in record time! source

Building Dashboards with FileMaker

In this 45 minute video I go through 45 tips for building dashboards with FileMaker. Enjoy ! source

FileMaker Supports Rapid Application Development

Developer Hazleena Hashim shares her secret to prototyping fast solutions for her clients. She relies on FileMaker to help her quickly build business solutions.

FileMaker Tools Empower Women Entrepreneurs

Keena Tomko, Owner & Lead Developer at Prism Database Design shares her story and passion for FileMaker. Her love of problem & “puzzle” solving has helped her create exciting opportunities as a woman entrepreneur. See how you can build custom apps that could help build your career here:

FileMaker Embraces Crowdsourcing – New Product Ideas Space

We demo the new Product Ideas Space on FileMaker Community, a place to view, post, vote and comment on feature requests for the FileMaker product line. Read the article FileMaker Embraces Crowdsourcing DB Services DB Services FileMaker Training, Support, Hosting, Licensing, & Development

Have fun being a FileMaker Consultant

Does working from home, in your sweat pants, while getting paid and having fun sound like your dream job? See why FileMaker developer, Makah Encarnacao loves working at Soliant Consulting. Learn how you can create a custom app for your business here:

FileMaker data synchronisation (synchronization/replication)

This movie shows how to setup data synchronisation for FileMaker databases using tool. If you want to synchronise FileMaker data to use your data on offline devices (eg. FileMaker/FileMaker Go on your iPad/iPhone) without the need for a FileMaker server or any plugin, this is the product of your choice. Try it now under […]

Fundamental Differences between Excel and FileMaker

This short video shows the fundamental differences between Excel (a spreadsheet program) and a database (FileMaker). It should help you understand the disadvantages of using a spreadsheet based system to run your business.

FileMaker Helps Designers Track Profits with a Custom App

Developer James Hea, DataWorks Pro built a custom mobile app for his creative client – a graphic design firm – which lets them keep an eye on their profits from anywhere. Learn how you can create a custom app for your business here: source