Troubleshooting Hero at FileMaker DevCon 2015

Mad optimizer HOnza came to DevCon to show people what real troubleshooting hero looks like! In fact The Troubleshooting Hero was the topic of Honza’s presentation. He talked about how you can do troubleshooting in the best way based on his own experience from 24U. We trying to do our support as efficient as possible. […]

#FileMaker | How to Detect Text and Faces in Image | 360Works – AWS Machine Learning PART 2

360Works – Machine Learning in FileMaker Part 2: How to Detect Text and Faces in Image. Demo file used in video: Today we are showing you how to use machine learning in FileMaker to detect text and faces. In our Part 1 Video, we demonstrated how to detect scenes and images within an image. Part […]

Atlanta FileMaker Developers 12/5/18

Joe Martin from 360Works will be presenting – Machine Learning in FileMaker: Using AWS Rekognition for Object Detection and Text Extraction from Images Building off of Jesse Barnum’s AWS FileMaker scripts, Joe will show how to interact with the AWS Rekognition API, allowing for object and scene detection in an image, as well as extracting […]

360Works 360Deploy 2.5: Server Side Scheduling + More! #FileMaker Data Migration/Deployment Tool

This video shows how to make FileMaker server side schedules and more deployment techniques for development changes coming from a development file and shipping to a live production file using the latest features in 360Deploy 2.5 360Deploy is a #FileMaker deployment tool, designed to make FileMaker data migration EASIER. It utilizes the FileMaker Data Migration […]

Mert Bayri talks about how 24U helped him with his FileMaker custom app development

Mert Bayri from Medeam (e-commerce workgroup of KLM) talks about how he developed and improved his custom FileMaker application in cooperation with 24U. source

#FileMaker Image Detection and Recognition | 360Works Using AWS Machine Learning with Free Demo

360Works – Machine Learning in FileMaker Part 1: Image Recognition Today we are showing you how to use machine learning in FileMaker to detect objects, scenes, and images. This can be useful for FileMaker databases that need to be able to identify objects and characteristics within an image file and report on the findings within […]

Essential FileMaker Plugin – Goya’s BaseElements

Essential FileMaker Plugin – Goya’s BaseElements Get up to speed with the FileMaker Video Training Course! FileMaker is a cross-platform relational database application from FileMaker Inc. Top Rated Course by FileMaker Expert, Richard Carlton. Customer relationship management, processes implemented to manage a company’s interactions with customers and prospects Experience Richard’s dynamic and exciting teaching format, […]

MBS Plugin @ FileMaker Conference 2018

Presentation of our plugin from FileMaker DevCon UK. An overview of what changed in our MBS FileMaker Plugin since the last conferences. source

Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Online | FileMaker Training Course

We have a new FileMaker training course at Productive Computing University – Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Online. This course teaches you how to use the FM Books Connector Online plug-in to integrate FileMaker and QuickBooks Online. Learn the differences between scripting for Windows, Mac, and Server, how to simplify the Session processes for best results, […]

MBS Plugin @ FileMaker Konferenz 2018

Präsentation von der FileMaker Konferenz 2018 in Malbun. Ein Überblick was es neues in gibt im MBS FileMaker Plugin seit der letzten Konferenz. Eventuell vorher das FMK 2017 Video anschauen. source