FileMaker Server 17 Account Lockout | FileMaker Tips & Tricks

In this video, we discuss the new FileMaker Server 17 Account Lockout feature in greater detail to understand exactly what it means regarding the security of your hosted FileMaker solution. Helpful links: Website: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Please subscribe if you like this content or want to stay informed on more Productive Computing and FileMaker […]

How to Clear FileMaker Cache | FileMaker Tips & Tricks

Clearing your FileMaker cache is not something you should be doing regularly, but if you are experiencing issues with your solution, clearing the cache could be a way to resolve the problem or at least should be considered in the troubleshooting process. Check out our blog with more details on when clearing the cache might […]

Webinar: FileMaker Data Migration Tool & Tips

In this video, we walk through a webinar we did with Richard Carlton Consulting about the FileMaker Data Migration Tool, our FM Data Migration Assistant, and our free training course on the FM Data Migration Assistant. The FileMaker Data Migration Tool is new to FileMaker 17 and is a command line tool. Our FM Data […]

FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console

Read the article at We showcase some of the coolest new features of FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console, along with a few tips to help get you started. DB Services FileMaker Training, Support, Hosting, Licensing, & Development source

FileMaker global fields – how and when to use them | Beginner Tutorial | FileMaker For You

FileMaker global fields are incredibly useful — but only if you know how and when to use them. Global fields can be used to store a logo, tax rate, commission percentage, department account code or username, to name a few of the many possibilities. In this FileMaker tutorial, I show you two ways you can […]

FILEMAKER 2018 Parte 7 Privilegios de grupo y por usuario. Compartir en red y en Server

Creación de privilegios de usuario y de grupo. Guiones usando privilegios de grupo. Compartir en red y en Server. Tips para preparar el archivo solución para subir a FM Server source

FileMaker naming conventions – choose the right one for you! | Beginner Tutorial | FileMaker For You

FileMaker naming conventions can be confusing — camel case, title case, underscore — what are they and more importantly can’t you just name fields the way you want? Choosing the right naming convention is about people and computers. Satisfying the needs of both the people using the FileMaker database *and* the computers that you may […]

FileMaker popover – protect data from accidental edits! | Beginner Tutorial | FileMaker For You

A FileMaker popover is a smart way to protect your data from being accidentally changed. The convenience of viewing and editing data in the same layout is easy and awesome. It can also be dangerous! Even careful people can inadvertently make a change to a FileMaker record and not realize it. By adding a FileMaker […]

[FMP Tip-n-Trick] FileMaker Pro Audit Trail “Revisited”

[FMP Tip-n-Trick] FileMaker Pro Audit Trail “Revisited” FileMaker Pro Audit Trail “Revisited” By Doug West Nearly four years have passed since our last Easy-Bake FileMaker Pro Audit Trail made its Internet debut. The same principles are still going strong, and now we’ve added some bells and whistles based on user feedback. The steps to implement […]

FileMaker text formatting: all in one place with one click! | User Tutorial | FileMaker For You

FileMaker text formatting is really useful for making information stand out, but the tools are spread out in three different places: 1) under the Format menu, 2) in the inspector and 3) in the right click menu. Wouldn’t it be great if you could access all of FileMaker’s text formatting functions in one place with […]