Filemaker Pro 14 Attendance tracking

This tutorial shows you how to track attendance for students in a school or any other type of setting. Students can be related to classes and attendance can be taken by automatically entering the students that are following a certain class.


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  1. How can I make the record import work in the script if I am using the database on my iPad and I want that to work out on the field?

  2. Excellent tutorial, thanks very much Guy. I've been struggling with making many-to-many relationships work in Filemaker for ages so this was a wonderful gift! Extremely helpful.

  3. Hello Guy! I am looking for some help, and I saw a suggestion you gave someone with a similar problem on the FileMaker forum. I work for a small landscaping business and I like the Invoice and Estimate Starter Solutions, but I am trying to keep Estimates and Invoices for individual customers in each customer's "file". Some estimates are accepted and some are not, but I want to keep a record for all of them. The ones that are accepted, I need to invoice once the work is done. You suggested a drop down menu where you could choose "estimate" or "invoice" for the document type. That sounds great, but how can I keep separate running lists of each type of document under each customer? I have no experience with writing programs and have pretty much given myself a crash course in the last couple months! I initially tried to combine, copy, paste etc. the estimate solution to the invoice solution, and got pretty far, but not everything works ūüôĀ Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Dear Guy
    Your video has been very helpful. I am designing a DB for a training centre which is quite like you attendance video, only that my join tables are ending up with no records. I have made sure that the relationship shows creation of records in join table.

    What could be the problem? I would appreciate if you could nail the solution.

  5. Selecting the student name from the drop down menu in the portal works well here but what is a good alternative when the list is students is very long. It is not easy to scroll down 50 students. Or in other applications the list may have 500 names. Is there a good way to make this a quick selection?

  6. I am at the beginning of my FM journey to build a custom client management system with built in appointment making functions. My design problems are quite different but I am finding your video a great introduction to the nuts and bolts of how this powerful app works. Digging your clear, calm and methodical teaching style too.

  7. Hi Guy,
    You had guided me from my question below about 6 months ago, to a Starter Solution that I really love for Invoices/Estimates. I'm having some issues that I'm hoping you may be able to help me with…I am using FileMaker Pro 14 and I've downloaded the Starter_Solution_CRM, (I think from French FileMaker) I'm connected to the solution with an iPhone, and I'm able to see the it in the list, but I do not see any layouts or existing files. When I open the Invoices starter solution in FileMaker just for test purposes, I see it in the list, can open it and see the test customers and invoices I've set up. I cannot figure out why I am not able to see the Dashboard/Starter_Solution_CRM files? I checked all the sharing settings and they are correct, as I am able to see the CRM solution as well as my test Invoices solution…It's just that nothing loads…

    Please Help! Thank you, Amy

  8. Oh Guy! I'm so sorry this is so confusing! Is there a way I can send you a screen shot of the iPhone? Either way, this is the process I used to connect to the iPhone: I opened the app, tapped on the Hosts icon at the bottom of the screen. I tapped on the little page looking icon at the top of the next screen. That took me to a screen to enter the Network File Name: IP address/filename. I did that and connected to the FM dashboard our office PC. Then I went to the Launch Center, tapped on the file icon with our dashboard and it opens another screen with a small file icon at the top with our dashboard name, but the rest of the screen is blank white. I tried doing the same process to open the Invoices and the Estimates Starter Solutions that are provided in our FM software, and they both have customer records, invoices, estimates etc. in the screen. I can edit, create new, and navigate perfectly using either of those solutions. I just don't understand why I see nothing in the screen at all when I tap on the CRM Solution that I downloaded from the internet. Do you think it has anything to do with that solution not being somewhere within the original FM software? Its downloaded to my PC's desktop…

  9. Guy – in the 29th minute you test to make sure the second line " English" can be deleted and added back for John Doe. I can delete it but does not add back, how should I trouble shoot this please.

  10. Would you like to give us a way to get final listings of students with total of absences per subject and overall in a form to be printed for use in school.Thank you very much for the lesson.

  11. Hi Guy

    Mate your tutorials are great and have helped a lot with my DB I have been building. But I am having an issue with this attendance info I used. It works great in FileMaker itself but when I try and access the drop downs in web direct they do not show. I feel it may have something todo with the overlapping fields. Any suggestions how I can over come this issue.
    Thanks in advance

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