#FileMaker Image Detection and Recognition | 360Works Using AWS Machine Learning with Free Demo

360Works – Machine Learning in FileMaker Part 1: Image Recognition

Today we are showing you how to use machine learning in FileMaker to detect objects, scenes, and images.

This can be useful for FileMaker databases that need to be able to identify objects and characteristics within an image file and report on the findings within the solution.

Joe Martin, Senior Developer and Product Lead at 360Works, is demonstrating the process in this video. He will be building off of AWS scripts from Jesse Barnum, President of 360Works. Jesse presented on a multitude of AWS services that you can integrate into FileMaker at the 2018 FileMaker Developer Conference (watch Jesse’s DevCon presentation and take a look under the hood at his AWS scripts here:

=== RESOURCES FOR THIS VIDEO: Image Recognition Free Demo File ===
Access the free FileMaker file Joe demonstrates in this video:

=== AWS Consulting from 360Works ===
Want more AWS technology in FileMaker, but no time to implement it into your solution? Let us do the work for you. Email us at infobox@360works.com for consulting or questions.


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